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Mindshare Matters

Mindshare Matters

As the holiday season approaches, Im reminded of my sons first Christmas. He was 9 months old at the time, and I had THOROUGHLY photo-documented every cute, funny, and sometimes gross thing he had ever done (hey, its wha...

Seasonal Workers - Ho Ho Whoa

Seasonal Workers - Ho Ho Whoa

If youve been inside a retail store in the last week or two, you are quite aware of whats going on. Its happeningholiday shopping is happening! The holidays invade retail stores like a joyous and heartfelt plague. The...

CES 2019

CES 2019

Next week, members of the mVentix leadership team will be attending CES 2019.   For the last 15 years, our team has found CES to be an amazing opportunity to meet, network and connect with thought leaders invested in ...


NRF 2019

Swing by our booth at NRF 2019! Members of the SellPro team will be in New York for this years Retail Big Show. Our CEO, Marketing Director, and Content Director will all be present at our booth, #1167. If you a...

Frequent Training Cadence

New Year Nuggets: Frequent Training Cadence

The methodology of the SellPro ecosystem all boils down to the following threekeys: Learning needs to be immersive Micro-learningworks best for product training Gamification keeps learning ...

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