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3 Things We Learned This Year About Incentivized Learning

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3 Things We Learned This Year About Incentivized Learning

3 Things We Learned This Year About Incentivized Learning

December 31, 2019

3 Things I learned this year about Incentivized Learning

The proverbial “carrot.” The “lure.” The “hook.” The “dangle.”

These are all catch words frequently used in our industry to refer to the “reason” why someone, anyone, might engage or interact with a “thing.”

Here at SellPro, “incentives” for learning are that thing. Incentivized Learning is a fundamental part of how we target, train and engage with retail sales associates across the U.S. Many retailers have long abandoned mandatory training, and brands are always searching for new and innovative ways to get sales associates to “voluntarily” train on their products.

That’s where SellPro’s signature “Learn & Earn” slogan comes in. Sales Associates engage and train on brand-generated content in exchange for the opportunity to earn awesome awards and prizes.  

It seems simple enough, but in 2018 we’ve learned a few things that were eye-opening. 

  1. Providing a larger quantity of small-value awards drive more engagement than fewer, big-ticket items. Imagine for a minute that retail sales associates are a finely tuned automobile. How do you keep that automobile operating at maximum capacity over time? Routine maintenance. The same goes for retail associates on a voluntary training app. If you want sales associates to train more and engage for longer periods, small awards go a long way. Simple awards like $5 Starbucks gift cards have fueled engagement on our platform all year. 

  1. When possible, opt for instant-gratification. Our system rewards users in two unique ways—the PlayZone, which houses our algorithm-based “Gravity Game”, and the ProShop, which functions in a more transactional space. We’ve seen engagement spike when users take a training and immediately unlock and receive an award. While we know that brands cannot reward everyone that participates in training, those that are rewarded are loyal. In fact, even if the next time around, previously awarded users aren’t able to claim anything, the positive sentiment from past promotions is enough to keep them engaged in the present and future.  

  1. When it doubt, food works out. Our clients use our platform to seed product to retail sales associates, and this definitely works—users always desire awesome consumer tech products like laptops, speakers and cameras. However, we ironically see similar engagement when the incentives are gift cards from national pizza chains, taco chains and other quick-service eateries.  


Bottom line: incentivized learning is a proven method to drive sales associate training engagement. Choosing the right incentive, the right value, the right frequency and the right allocation can be the difference between awful and awesome results. If you are interested in learning more about how you can use incentives to drive ROI, reach out to us—we’d love to leverage what we’ve learned to drive results for YOU and YOUR brand’s products.

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