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3 Tips to Help Sales Associates Win on Black Friday

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3 Tips to Help Sales Associates Win on Black Friday

3 Tips to Help Sales Associates Win on Black Friday

November 18, 2018

Black Friday—depending on your vantage point, you either love it or hate it—more than likely, both at the same time. For shoppers, some of the best deals can be had. For many retailers, Black Friday (as evidenced by its name) is the day where they post actual profits and their books go from red to “black.” But let’s be honest, nobody loves the crowds. Nobody loves the chaos. Nobody loves the dysfunction. 


If you’ve ever been shopping on Black Friday (or nowadays, Thanksgiving Day) there are some commonalities among retail sales associates:  


  1. Many of them have no clue what’s going on.  

  1. Most of them are swamped beyond belief, doing their best to effectively help as many customers as they can.  

  1. All of them are wishing they were at home with their families and friends.  


Without question, Black Friday (and holiday shopping in general) can be one of the most stressful times of the year for a retail sales associate. It’s important that retailers effectively equip their sales and customer service staff with tools and training to help get them through the busy holiday season. 


3 Tips to Help Sales Associates Win on Black Friday:

Make sure promo info is at their fingertips at all times. 

It’s difficult to memorize the Black Friday ad. It’s especially difficult to remember where all items are located in the store, especially when it comes to the big box retailers. Access to this information on say, a smartphone, is a great way for associates to recall and access all information that customers need to succeed in the Black Friday madness.  


Ensure they are trained on techniques to help a LOT of customers at once.  

Being able to “stack” customers is an invaluable skill that all sales associates need to know, especially on Black Friday. Make sure associates feel comfortable with this technique so that they can keep customers happy and attended to throughout the holiday season.  


Ensure their product knowledge is up-to-par. 

In an ideal world, customers do their research, come into the store, pick up their items and head straight to the register. And although this happens frequently during the holidays, there are also customers that need their hands held a bit more. The more sales associates know, the better they can qualify customers, and the easier it will be for them to deal with the lines of people who are waiting to speak to them. But how can you ensure associates have the time and tools to train?  


SellPro is a mobile-first learning platform that empowers brands and retailers to engage field reps and sales associates on-the-go through gamified, incentivized micro-learning, interactive reference tools, customized polling, live and virtual events, and more. Give us a shout at and see how we can help you, help them, this holiday season.  


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