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The 2018 Holiday Season is Officially Here -- Are You Staying Ahead of the Game?

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The 2018 Holiday Season is Officially Here -- Are You Staying Ahead of the Game?

The 2018 Holiday Season is Officially Here -- Are You Staying Ahead of the Game?

November 12, 2018

The 2018 holiday season is officially here.

All of the major big box retailers have launched their holiday “help wanted” campaigns and a new class of retail sales associates will be deployed in a matter of weeks.

We all know how important staffing is during this most pivotal time in retail—the question we often ask here is simple, “how good are they?”

The challenge becomes clear, how do brands ensure that new retail employees are trained at scale, quickly, and in a way that provides value?

Our experience here at SellPro has helped us identify a few priorities for brands looking to address these challenges.

Mobile Solutions – There simply won’t be enough time, space or opportunities to take seasonal sales associates off the floor to train on individual brands and/or products. The retailers have hired these associates to be on the floor and engaging with customers, not in the breakroom chained to a computer. Mobile training solutions allow new associates to train whenever and wherever they are. They can train in between customer interactions, before or after their shift, or during the rare moments when in-store activity is slow. The added benefit is that mobile training platforms become a “traveling cheat-sheet”—they can reference product information or features quickly, right from the palm of their hand.

Micro-Learning – Unfortunately, time is not on the brand’s side. With these new sales associates being overwhelmed with new processes and procedures, your training message needs to be clear, concise and to the point. That is where micro-learning courses really shine. By creating training content that’s bite-sized and easily digestible, you increase retention rates. We’ve done research, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Simply google “micro-learning retention rates” and you’ll see that this method of training works better than lengthy, antiquated models.

Speed and Scale – Because the holiday season comes and goes so quickly, brands need to be able to get their training content to as many sales associates as possible, as quickly as possible. This is where partnering with the RIGHT retail training platform becomes essential—and it just so happens that we’ve got you covered. If there is a large number of associates at the stores where your products are sold, leverage the power of SellPro to train more sales associates on your products faster than you can imagine.

Addressing these challenges with viable solutions is key to success this holiday season. You may be spending big bucks on advertising to make consumers aware of your products, but once they arrive at the store and engage with a sales associate, you want to be certain that associates not just point the customer in the right direction, but also recommends YOUR product for purchase.

If you have questions or need solutions quickly, shoot us an email at – We’d love to help you ensure success during the 2018 holiday season and beyond.

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