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Dollars & Cents – Makes Sense!​

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Dollars & Cents – Makes Sense!​

Dollars & Cents – Makes Sense!​


  • Global consumer electronics firm.​

  • Multiple U.S. retail distributors​

  • Robust field force operating in major markets.



  • Measure the impact of SellPro on Average Sales Price, Average Units Sold and ROI.​

  • Analyze the impact of SellPro in stores with high concentration of users vs. no concentration of users.



  • One of our Clients wanted to measure the impact SellPro was having on their business in terms of dollars in cents. They were particularly interested in ROI, Average Sales Price and Average Units sold at the store level.  


Our Solution​

  • The Client provided us with sales data and we tracked performance for one year.​

  • To provide consistent and reliable sets of control stores for the sales analysis project, we identified two groups of stores. Taking 1,050 Best Buy U.S. active (i.e., operating) locations as the baseline store list, all selected stores are picked from this total universe of stores and are grouped by the following parameters:​

  • Group A: Trained = High SellPro Engagement​

  • Group B: Non-Trained = No SellPro Engagement​

  • We compared the average sales price in trained and non-trained stores that had the same brand space traiting to see if there was a measurable difference in training that could not be attributed by brand space presence/factors.​

  • We compared two focus groups of 50 stores in both “trained” and “non-trained” groups to examine their sales trends on a weekly basis. To help normalize the two groups, rankings (all brands) were used to ensure the groups had roughly the same average ranking. 


The Result: Numbers Never Lie!​

  • Trained stores outperformed non-trained stores across all measurable metrics.​

  • Trained stores delivered a 4X lift in ROI compared to non-trained stores.​

  • Trained stores had a 32% lift in average units sold when compared to the non-trained group.​

  • Trained stores had a 1% increase in average sales price comparatively.  

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