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Follow the Leader.

Follow the Leader.

Global consumer electronics firm. Multiple retail distributors. Robust field force operating in all markets.


Increase overall engagement at the store level.
Deliver strong numbers of completions/certifications.
Incentivize store participation with an on-site execution.
Significantly increase new user registrations on training platform.
Increase individual retail sales associate (RSA) engagement.


Client wanted to increase engagement not only with individual RSAs, but with all the RSAs at a specific retail chain. The client wanted to explore ways to activate training at the store level to generate learnings for activation in under-covered or non-covered markets. They sought to execute a program that would give their field force inroads to store management and associates, so that future in-store interactions would be more productive and effective.


Our Solution
Develop a robust marketing campaign that drives engagement on both the individual and store level.
Reward the store with the highest number of certifications in a 30-Day period with brand swag, snacks and lunch delivered by their local field representative.
Utilize SellPro’s Leaderboard feature as the primary indicator of participation and success.

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