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Instant Awards.

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Instant Awards

Instant Awards.


International consumer electronics firm.
Multiple product categories.
Robust field force operating in all markets.


Explore the benefits of a mobile-based platform.
Significantly increase new user registrations on training platform.
Increase retail sales associate (RSA) engagement.
Deliver strong numbers of completions/certifications.
Instantly award high volume of redeemable digital codes to qualified/certified users.
Utilize a platform with robust, real-time reporting and analytics.


Client had a critical need for an effective training platform to develop, deploy and scale training content to its retail salesforce as well as disperse thousands of awards quickly and efficiently.
Training needed to occur during a short time frame due to seasonality and product availability.
Content development needed to be streamlined and simplified for easy comprehension.
Execution needed to be turn-key and the results needed to be clear, concise, immediate and transparent.

Our Solution

Utilize SellPro award distribution to instantly disburse awards to users in the form of e-gift cards.
Leverage our internal content team to create easily digestible training courses.
Establish qualification criteria to minimize fraud.
Maximize participation by utilizing marketing to identify, reach and message target users.
Activate paid and organic social media as well as tailored email and push notifications to drive awareness, consideration and trial.
Optimize the campaign in real-time based on daily analysis and performance monitoring.

Exceeded Client’s most optimistic expectations.

 5% of overall budget saved to client via effective user profile verification process.
 Three months’ worth of award allotment disbursed in three weeks thanks to effective targeting and campaign management.
 +6,000 course certifications completed in the first three weeks.
 +5,000 new users enrolled on SellPro during the promotional period.
 17,600 digital redemption codes awarded during two-month period.
 This campaign was a game-changer for the client and served as a catalyst for increased performance across all KPIs for the remainder of the year.

This program solidified SellPro as the Client’s primary platform for all future promotional programs.

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