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Retailer FAQ

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Retailer FAQ

See responses to the most common questions about SellPro

SellPro is available for download on iOS and Android devices, and any Windows 10 devices. The online management system is available for use on all web browsers, though we recommend Chrome or Firefox.
SellPro clients receive access to our online management system, a browser interface that provides complete control over your content portfolio. Create/manage courses, awards, events and reference materials all with a few clicks and keystrokes on your keyboard.
PDFs, images, and video topics/files have a max file size of 20MB. Images in HTML topics/files have a maximum file size of 2MB.
Content storage is based on your SellPro plan. Please click on pricing in the sub-menu above for additional details.
You can update your content as often as you like—it’s YOUR platform, update at will!
Absolutely! Private branding is available to match your retailer’s approved colors and logos.
No. There is no limit to the number of store personnel that can access your content on SellPro, however, pricing is based on the number of stores. Please click on pricing in the sub-menu above for additional details.
Simply put, anything you can send us digitally or ship to our fulfillment center. We fulfill everything from digital gift cards, to consumer electronics, to swag. You can also purchase SellPro Mall credits to award in-app and eliminate all of the work on your end.
Users must first “unlock” awards by certifying on the associated course(s). Once unlocked, users can play for awards in the Gravity Game or claim them in the ProShop.
SellPro allows users to selectively sync courses and reference materials locally to their devices, allowing for offline use when not connected to the internet.
SellPro requires internet connectivity to access URL content in courses, reference library and toolbox. SellPro also requires internet access to refresh the content catalog, play for awards in the Gravity Game, and view/claim awards in the ProShop and Mall.

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