TESSCO's Go Connect

TESSCO's Go Connect

Dealerscope Accessory Issue – September 2014 Vol. 56 No. 11

Devon Razey

A look at a smartphone/tablet training program that gives sales associates info in bite-size, easy-to-assimilate pieces.

Wireless device and accessory distributor TESSCO Technologies is harnessing the power of the app space for retail and sales associate training with Go Connect, a customizable phone and tablet-based application.

The app uses both certifications and rewards as incentives for sales staff to learn quickly, all with the use of a smartphone. The app’s goal is to enhance expertise and skills for both individual sales and preparation for training a team.

Customers expect sales associates to have answers to all their questions about the product and the expertise to easily identify the product that best fits their needs. With Go Connect, all of that knowledge is literally in the hands of sales associates, easily accessible and quickly digestible.

“There are many approaches to training available in the marketplace today,” says Liz Robinson, vice president of Mobile Devices and Accessories at TESSCO. “It’s no secret that addressing this part of the sales process can make the difference between a good team and a great team. We have studied many other programs and learned from years of our own work with dealers, and have incorporated those into our new solution.”

The Go Connect app uses technology to deliver what Robinson calls “a more comprehensive learning system” that can be scaled to a dealer’s size for better deployment and measurement of success.

Go Connect uses a mobile platform because the typical sales associate is constantly using apps directly on the floor, and the information is delivered in “bite-size pieces” so that there is no disruption in a customer interaction. The program uses sales data and in-field assessment of the store and associate performance to track and measure improvement.

“Event-based training” is abandoned in favor of a longer-term solution. Instead of a bulk training webinar or meeting, sales associates receive a continual flow of information that should see little to no drop-off in long-term results.


There are two separate solutions to choose from. TESSCO Team Connect is a learning system for store trainers and managers who want to enhance their expertise and gain skills to train their own sales team. TESSCO Custom Connect teaches managers and sales associates how to improve their efforts directly.

“TESSCO has worked with wireless dealers for over 15 years,” says Robinson. “During that time, we have seen tremendous growth in the accessory business, fueled by consumer adoption and use of mobile devices as an extension of how they live, work and play. To service those customers well, we have seen dealers struggle with keeping a well-informed team of store managers and sales associates, who proactively work with customers to put together accessory solutions to make their devices work the way they need them to. There are, as you would expect, several ingredients to that recipe for success, and training is always in the mix. The TESSCO Connect initiative was developed to address that need.”

The more knowledge a sales associate has on the products, the more of them they can sell. This program is the beginning of what will probably be a drastic change to the landscape of training for dealers.

Go Connect is available for Android 3.0+ OS and Apple 7.0+ iOS. A windows OS version will be available in coming weeks. Interested dealers should visit http://www.tessco.com to learn more.

How Go Connect Works

Go Connect is an exclusive implementation of mVentix’s SellPro mobile app. It allows sales associates to quickly and easily access product information while keeping them at their customer’s side during the research process. This approach uses certifications and rewards to incentivize sales associates to learn and retain accessory product knowledge. As illustrated in the Spin Zone graphic, sales associates who work their way through courses and achieve certification can accumulate points in various ways.

“While we’ve seen an unprecedented uplift in the mobile technology sector, retail training has historically been slow to adapt to the rapidly changing environment and to the needs of its main consumer— the sales associate,” Kristian Fatzov, mVentix CEO, noted. Fatzov added that this method of retail sales training “breaks the conventions of traditional PC-based online retailing,” and empowers sales associates in a way that older methods do not.




Written by SellPro

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