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New Year Nuggets: Frequent Training Cadence

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Frequent Training Cadence

New Year Nuggets: Frequent Training Cadence

February 21, 2019

The methodology of the SellPro ecosystem all boils down to the following three keys:  

  • Learning needs to be immersive 

  • Micro-learning works best for product training 

  • Gamification keeps learning fun and interesting 


SellPro was designed with all of the above at the forefront of its development. The app provides a hands-on look and feel, filled with bite-sized, easily digested chunks of information, with mini-games and quizzes throughout. But how brands use SellPro is just as important as the tools natively built in to its blueprint. When it comes to training content, the name of the game is frequency, repetition and cadence, and how training is positioned within any organization on any platform can yield either favorable or unfavorable results, depending on whether it adheres to these principles.  


A little at a time goes a long way.  

We’ve all been there. Whether you were starting a new job, completing annual training, or participating in some type of ongoing training program, you’ve likely been hit with an overly lengthy training task before. Sometimes it takes your entire day. Sometimes it takes your entire week. Sometimes, you’re allowed to go at your own pace and you sit and do as much as you can in one sitting to get it over with. Two weeks later, when asked what you learned, you probably gesture something like this: 


But what if your 8-hour training day was spread out over the course of 8 weeks? What if you were only asked to spend 12 minutes each day as opposed to eight consecutive hours? Not only would you remember more, but you likely wouldn’t dread doing it.  


Micro-learning works best in frequent doses. 

The problem with traditional training is that it expects learners to remember most if not all of the content after being exposed to it only once. Think back to your early childhood—you didn’t master multiplication or reading after doing them the first time, right? Of course not. The consistent schedule of doing the same thing over and over again, day over day, and slowly building upon previous concepts is how we learn. Why should training be any different? The key to memorable training is keeping it short and adding frequent reminders.  


So how does SellPro do it? 

We advise all of our clients to launch content on a frequent basis, but only one course at a time. Let’s say a brand has five new training courses on a particular product. We’d advise them to launch one new course each day until all five are live. Why do we do this? Because instead of a sales associate going on SellPro, taking all five courses at once, and then instantly forgetting 50% of what they read within an hour, they now get memory-modifying reinforcement day-over-day for a week, spending five minutes or less on the product training each day. Each subsequent course reinforces key messaging from the day before, and when it’s all said and done, the retention rate is 3x higher than it would have been if they simply took all five courses on the first day.  


To take it a step further, we also advise clients to enable SellPro’s “recertify” feature, which will ping RSA’s to stay current on their knowledge of a particular product either 30, 60, or 90 days later by taking and passing the course quiz again.  


Bottom line: Small doses + frequent cadence = engaged retention. Releasing training content in small doses over an extended period of time makes learners more inclined to engage and eventually consume the entirety of your message, rather than halfway engaging in bits in pieces in one sitting. If you are interested in learning more about how you can “hors d'oeuvre” your way into the hearts and minds of retail sales associates, give us a call or drop us a line—we’d love to share our training best practices with you.

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