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More than an LMS

At retail, deep learning is a myth. Sales associates need just enough information to feel confident selling your products. That’s all.

You don’t achieve this with launching in-depth courses once every three months. You achieve this with micro-learning: launching fast, simple courses once a week.

Watch us create a course using SellPro's 5-step guided course creation process.

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Instant-Impact Marketing Tool

People shop on recommendations. How to make sure retail sales associates recommend your product and/or make the best of the sales interaction? The answer is simple: engage, engage, engage.

SellPro meshes addictive gamification and micro-learning techniques with appealing incentives and messaging. This inspires daily engagement and helps retail personnel sell more.

Watch a little preview of how we do it.

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Revolutionary Reporting Tool

What gets measured, gets improved. With SellPro reporting, you can monitor store compliance, measure your brand's perception, track retail personnel product knowledge in different product categories and more.

For a real eye-opening experience, use our Insight feature to survey retail sales associates directly.

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