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About mVentix and SellPro

About mVentix

We developed SellPro as a solution to drive client ROI and increase brand mindshare among retail sales associates. However, our history is rich and predates SellPro by almost a decade.

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Market Intelligence

We started as a market intelligence agency, responding to the growing need for point-of-sale intelligence data and analytics in a rapidly evolving retail landscape.


SMS Communications

We launched the first-of-its-kind SMS and mobile web-based platform that facilitated brand training and direct communication with retail store associates on their mobile phones.


Field Force Operations

In response to client demand for high-impact representation at retail and the commercial space, we deployed our field force services, which continue to drive client revenue and ROI to this day.



Our collection of industry expertise, learnings and insights converged to bring our most comprehensive tech solution to life—SellPro.



In response to demand for swift, actionable, and reliable store-level data, we developed SellPro Insight, allowing brands and retailers to directly poll sales associates and bypass the slow, less-than-reliable secret shopping model to better understand brand mindshare, retail compliance and more.

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