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Retail Store Associates

Retail Store Associates

Play games, take surveys, and provide feedback to earn rewards while you enhance your knowledge.

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Training and passion are not the same

Inspired and engaged store personnel make store experiences worth having. SellPro was created to reduce the gaps between engagement and training to create passionate brand and store advocates.

Retail Employee Engagement

Improve the customer experience. Increase sales. Reduce turnover.

Studies prove that retailers with engaged employees are more profitable, have higher customer satisfaction and experience higher retention. But because humans have different goals, it’s hard to find something that engages them all.

SellPro approaches this by hitting several intrinsic and extrinsic engagement factors: knowledge and learning, gamification and rewards, and two-way communication to let employees' voices be heard. All these wrapped up in an app that can be accessed when the employee most wants or needs it.

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Improve the customer experience and increase sales while reducing turnover
Micro-learning with a twist to increase participation

Retail Training

Micro-learning with a twist to increase participation.

Retail training is challenging. Lots to train, not enough time in front of employees, or to create enough content.

SellPro handles these challenges by making building micro-learning courses and content creation super simple. Then we get the right content to the right person at the right time using our mobile apps - no plane required.

Of course you can control course access, create and require certifications, and monitor your results, but you can also add gamification and rewards to increase knowledge retention and participation.

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Employee Communication

Announcements, knowledge base, and social tools for store employees.

Aligning and connecting store employees across your locations is challenging.

With SellPro’s mobile app, employees can stay up to date on store or product announcements, provide feedback, and access resources right on their phone, at the time and place they need it.

Administering communication is easier for you too, by bringing all your training, engagement, insight, and intranet tools together.

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Announcements, knowledge base, and social tools for store employees
Gather insights

Insight Collection

Surveys and feedback straight from the store floor.

If you want to know what people think, you’ve got to ask them. But employees are burnt out on typical engagement surveys.

Instead, product brands and retailers can develop custom insights to understand what’s really going on in matters that affect sales and happiness at a granular level.

Imagine knowing the printer brand preferred by store associates across retailers or getting status with pictures of your displays at a national level, or what products are in or out of stock on a daily basis. It’s so easy to find out what’s happening, you’ll be hooked.

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