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What if the retail sales associate recommends a product that isn't yours?

You’ve always thought training retail staff on your products, and marketing to end-customers are two different aspects of your business. But consumers perceive retail sales associates as impartial experts and trust them way more than they trust your marketing messages.

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“I already have a good training system”

You have a training manager who’s using best industry practices. You’ve digitalized the training process. The retailers where you sell your products are using some sort of a modern training tool, too. So why SellPro?

Why SellPro is a game changer

Because it’s a tool for marketing to the retail sales associate

We’ve built a mobile-first tool that is fun to use. It offers retail sales associates multiple ways to win a wide variety of awards in exchange for learning more about your products. 

We speak their language: push notifications, daily interactions, games, quizzes, and a rewards catalogue that has them all excited. 

We also constantly remind them that recommending the right product means selling more in the long run. 

Marketing to the retail sales associate
150,000 retail sales associates already use SellPro

Because 150,000 retail sales associates already use SellPro

SellPro is designed for the end user: the retail sales associate. When we're talking about improving training engagement and increasing retail sales, that's the people you want to connect with. 

While most learning management systems are still struggling to find the right way to engage users, we've tested a variety of approaches, we've talked with the retail sales associates on our platform, and we have a ready-set-go methodology that guarantees results. 

A methodology that works for over 150,000 people -- we're sure it will work for your audience, too.


Because it allows you to train people who want to be trained differently

Our conversations with retail sales associates show that they want more training than they’re getting, but they want it done better. We spent a lot of time to understand what better means and we cracked their code.

With SellPro, you can communicate what’s most important, and you can make a connection, instill knowledge, and build loyalty.

We know the great people who work in retail, and we know how to make your training effective: micro-courses, tools, awards, daily engagement, games, events, leaderboards - all working together, easy to manage, easy to use.

Train people differently with SellPro
Robust reporting designed to serve a purpose

Because our robust reporting is designed to serve a purpose

SellPro's reporting features let you see how retail personnel are engaging with your courses so that you know what’s working and why. When you understand what resonates with your target audience and what doesn’t, you can make better training decisions and increase engagement.

Speaking of reporting, data tends to be misunderstood when it’s not instantly clear. Our highly visual dashboards make things easier.

Because you get access to a one-of-a-kind market intelligence engine

Insight is a unique SellPro feature that allows you to survey retail personnel directly and get invaluable data about your industry. You can choose between running a basic survey and a screener survey. With a basic one, anyone exposed to the survey can respond. Screener surveys allow you to further segment retail personnel and get answers only from certain types of sales associates.

One-of-a-kind market intelligence feature

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