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Better training means better employee retention and better customer service

If you keep serving training content the old way, chances are you’ll never be able to build a strong connection with the people who represent your business in front of customers.

Retail chains

Do you offer what online shopping can never offer?

The main thing you have going for you that makes you better than any online store can ever be is your retail sales associates. They are the ones who can keep customers coming back by providing excellent customer service. If you train them well, that’s exactly what they’ll be doing.

But it’s difficult to train retail personnel in an engaging way, plus the costs of switching to a new learning management system can be very high.

How SellPro helps retail

You engage retail associates, you keep retail associates

Great training does two things: it engages retail sales associates and it helps them sell more. They stop seeing work as just work. Instead, they see it as a place where they grow, learn and make friends. As a place where they succeed in recommending the right products and closing sales. Who doesn’t like to do what they are good at?

SellPro training is engaging and effective because we serve micro-courses, we use a lot of gamification tools and we let you reward employees for learning.

You engage retail associates
Training - easy on you and fun on your staff

We make compliance training easy on you and fun on your staff

You can use SellPro for product training, sales training, management and customer service training, and even compliance training. It will take less time for your management staff to set up — which immediately cuts costs for you — and your retail sales associates will go through all those courses much easier, with increased understanding on every subject.

Enjoy instant integration of a cost-efficient solution

Let’s talk about costs. We’re aware that many retailers wouldn’t even consider changing a rather outdated learning management system just because of the expense.

SellPro combines an online content management system and a mobile app. It is designed to be easily implemented even in the most complex business structures, and you can start testing its basic capabilities for free with the Starter plan.

All you have to do is create an account.

Instant integration of a cost-efficient solution
Track employee engagement

You can track employee engagement

Increasing employee engagement translates to more sales, reduced staff turnover and better customer service, to name a few. But how do you achieve that?

SellPro's robust reporting and highly visual dashboards allow you to instantly asses the effectiveness of your training content. You can see what works and start building courses that resonate with your employees.

It’s built to help you make better training decisions and make them faster. 

Give SellPro a Try

Our free forever plan lets you use SellPro for an unlimited amount of time. If and when you're ready to upgrade, you can do it on your own, or you can contact us to discuss which plan is best for you.

You can find more information about our plans in Pricing