Thinking Beyond The Crisis - Start Thinking About How to Bring Back Your Retail Staff

Thinking Beyond The Crisis - Start Thinking About How to Bring Back Your Retail Staff

Retail has been one of the industry segments most-impacted and disrupted by COVID-19. Most brick and mortars have closed doors, restricted access, or moved to curbside pickup. This has substantially reduced revenues and caused immense net losses, forcing retailers to go into a major "stop the bleeding" mode.

As a result, millions of retail employees have been laid off or furloughed. Smart retailers are soon about to shake the initial shock off and begin thinking beyond the crisis. One key area that they will have to focus on will be how to rapidly bring back furloughed employees, recruit for any vacancies, onboard everyone and reopen doors so they could bring back revenues and get on a solid path to recovery. 

None of that can happen without a lot of people. SellPro can be very instrumental to retailers in this area both during the crisis and after it's over. During the crisis, we can offer a free Enterprise upgrade so retailers can do their best to keep furloughed employees engaged, and as motivated as possible with contests, awards and micro-content. 

They can also choose to pay employees for keeping up to date with training and engagement, at least to help them out. The free enterprise plan can be very helpful in having retailers prepare for redeployment by setting up all of their onboarding content, training content and onboarding documentation in the platform so when new employees get hired, they could quickly certify on SellPro and get to work. 

After the crisis, hundreds of thousands of retail workers will need  to very quickly get to work and SellPro can be the vehicle to help accelerate that process substantially. After everything is back to normal, SellPro can be the core instrument for the strongest retailers to engage, train and motivate their employees in a new, optimized and digitized retail world - by leveraging benefits impossible to achieve with an LMS.

Increased customer satisfaction and sales. 

One of retail's few and distinct advantages over online shopping is the ability to humanize transactions through customer-facing personnel. SellPro helps retailers leverage that advantage by enabling active employee engagement, which has proven to drive passion, competency and ultimately, sales. 

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SellPro aims to save retail in the face of an eCommerce explosion by focusing on how much value well-informed and passionate store staff bring to shoppers. Sales staff who can relate to customers, and speak intelligently about products by weighing in with opinions and insight, sell more products, at a higher average price, and see more repeat customers.

Payroll savings. 

Since SellPro is a mobile app native to employees' own devices, the app serves as an on-the-go training and reference tool, enabling store personnel to consume micro-training content during down time while on the sales floor. The result is a substantial reduction in dedicated payroll for training, typically allocated for employees to use a Learning Management System (LMS) in the breakroom.   

Vendor engagement and product training. 

Who is more qualified to drive excitement and knowledge about the products a retail associate sells than the product brand itself? SellPro's unique architecture allows retailers to encourage their vendors to be invested in engaging the front lines by providing access and tools to easily create and deploy their own micro-engagement content. Vendors will be happy to invest as the more store personnel-facing content they have on the platform, the more direct impact they will have on retail employee mindshare, recommendations and sales. 

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