What's Happening? Store-level Reporting Without Visiting Stores

What's Happening? Store-level Reporting Without Visiting Stores

Brands that use SellPro Insight have powerful reporting and research tools at their fingertips. They can proactively benchmark and see trends over time like never before. They can also capture signals at the store level when there are issues and address them through retail employees–something made possible through SellPro's connection to over 150K+ retail associates.

With SellPro's Insight reporting, Brands can make use of boots on the ground. They can gauge real-time employee observations and feedback. Tactics like secret shopping fail to deliver accurate reflections of how your Brand is being presented in stores. SellPro helps you access such things as live pictures of displays, inventory issue warnings, and live customer behavior through highly incentivized retail employees on the front lines of sales. 

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Key data points we help you secure:

SellPro - Retail Employee Training and Engagement Platform

1) Brand Advocacy

We let Brands get to the heart of what retail employees are thinking (or not thinking) about your products. SellPro measures mindshare through retail employee polls and surveys. This allows you to set benchmarks and readily measure the ROI on your retail training and engagement efforts.  

2) Merchandising & POS Compliance

Want to know if your product displays and samples are out in stores and looking good? Ask the store employees! Through the SellPro app, you can ask them to provide status and live pictures of your displays. Minimize how often you end up paying for the competition to be featured on your purchased space. Take action on missing or broken demos. Make sure stores showcase your Brand precisely as expected. 

3) Consumer Behavior 

With SellPro, you can use incentivized surveys to ask retail employees about consumer behavior. Find out:

  • How happy customers are with your products.
  • What customers like/dislike about your displays and demos.
  • What pain points customers have concerning your products.
  • Why customers select your products over competitors.  
  • How customers are engaging with competitor displays?  

4) Category Intelligence

Connect with retail employees through SellPro and gain valuable intel. Find out such things as: What kind of shelf space your competition has? How many competitor products are sold in specific locations? What sales or offerings competitors are running? And are there any new labels or brands in stores? 

5) Product Knowledge

Not only does SellPro allow you to easily create training for retail employees–and motivate them with prizes and points to ensure they take those trainings–but you can also gauge their knowledge in a variety of ways. 

You can ask questions about product features, how comfortable employees are discussing your products with customers, how often they interact with sales collateral to win sales, what they need help with, and more. 

These are important KPIs and are very easy to address with actionable follow-ups. When you know where employees need help, you can create specific webinars, increase store visits, and run campaigns to lift knowledge about your Brand.

6) Field Force KPIs

Measuring your field force's effectiveness does not have to be limited to sell-through data—which is a limiting snapshot with a long turnaround time to ascertain if money spent sending reps around has yielded satisfactory results. 

With SellPro, you can get opinions from retail employees on how helpful your reps are. You can also ask how often they get to see your reps vs. competitor reps. We help optimize your field effortsby letting you track and gauge the impact.

WATCH THE VIDEO: SellPro Insight Retail Reporting

7) Marketing Feedback

It is challenging to know if discounts are applied to drive salesas your marketing team planned–or if retail employees are simply applying discounts at the register to help win customer favor. Gauging both your own and competitor marketing efforts enables you to establish what's working, what isn't working, and where you need to focus change. 

8) Inventory Shortages & Issues

Picture the scene: An executive from your company goes into a store where your products are sold and notices a poorly displayed end cap with broken or missing demo materials and no product inventory. Now there is a furious executive who wants answers. 

The old way

To gauge and address issues, you would have to send out your field force, costing tens of thousands of dollars, pulling them off task, and finally gaining an adequate reflection of the status of displays in stores around the country.  

The SellPro way

Readily shoot out a survey requesting pics from incentivized retail staff at all locations. Learn that same day that yes, there is a systemic problem to address. Or no, only 5% of the stores are in the same condition, and the rest are good. 

Exceptional retail sales reporting for Brands!

SellPro Insight reporting gives real-time data and is captured much faster and at a significantly lower cost than physically sending people to the stores. And more importantly, SellPro gives you the perspective of customer-facing employees working in stores that sell your products every single day.

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